Engagement Model

Current project:

Healthcare – Application of Nano particles for Cancer Treatment

NE is working on a funded proof of concept stage work to demonstrate application of nano particles for cancer treatment. It will explore its other applications in healthcare domain.

Past project:

Renewable Energy – Biodiesel Production Technology

"Nurture Earth" worked with “Initio Fuels LLC” of XL TechGroup USA to develop system engineering related to biodiesel catalytic chemistries. The "OneStep Process" developed converts all types of fatty acid conjugates namely, triglycerides, phospholipids, glycolipids as well as free fatty acids, into biodiesel. More...

Food - Algae to Omega 3

NE worked with IO-Mega USA for developing technology for “Algae to Omega-3 Fatty Acid”. This is a high impact project that turns an agriculture waste stream into a very high value product Omega 3 which is USD $ 1 Bn market seeing 10 to 16% annual growth and supply side constraints. More on Omega 3 - a source of EPA/DHA.

Algae Harvesting and Dewatering

NE worked with IO-MEGA USA to develop low cost technology for Algae harvesting and dewatering. Today algae harvesting and dewatering is a major challenge faced by “Algae to Fuel and Food” production industry. The collaborative effort has already resulted in filing of a provisional patent where IO-Mega and NE are co-inventors.