Engagement Model
NE offers flexible engagement models which can help balance risks and opportunities for profit.

Dedicated Development Facility

  • NE can dedicate a team of experienced and capable scientists, technical experts and engineering team that is committed to a client’s requirements. The team composition can be aligned continuously as may be demanded by dynamics of situation. This also results in lower cost per resource as compared to “project-to-project” model. This is most suitable for co-creation/ co-development mid to long term engagement. IPRs generated or enhanced by the DDF team as part of the engagement are assigned to the client.
  • Virtual extension of your in-house scientists, technical experts and engineering resources.
  • Offers commitment and complete focus to your requirement.
  • More effective enforcement of intellectual property protection policies and safeguards.
  • Transparency in operation.
  • Better scope for cost control.
  • Offers quality infrastructure, experienced human resource and proven processes at client’s disposal, without any upfront investments from client.

Projects Based Engagement

  • A one-off or short-term product co-development may find project based engagement model appropriate.
  • Based on the project definition and boundaries, NE may offer a fixed price or time & material arrangement for the project duration. A combination of offshore project completion and offshore /onshore knowledge transfer could also be worked out.
  • It is possible to migrate from project to DDF model when required.

Fixed Price Project

  • His low-risk delivery model is suitable for very well defined project requiring specific external resources. NE delivers the solution within agreed cost and time.

Time & Material

  • In case of difficult to define projects we can offer required resources on a time and material basis. As client’s requirements evolve, the resources can be adjusted to keep pace. It is possible to migrate to fixed price project once scope becomes clearer.