Engagement Model


As an Outsource R&D partner NE is developing a "Delivery Ecosystem" which allows it to play a meaningful role in assisting a client develop technology and commercialize it without having to worry about coordinating with multiple agencies e.g. for Design, Detailed Engineering and Drawing, Equipment Manufacturing, Safety, Structural Work, Electricals and Controls, Instrumentation and Automation, etc.
NE is working with the following organizations for their technology and business development needs

Knowledge Partners

NE leverages intellectual capital and infrastructural support of its “Knowledge partners” - an Indian Educational and Research Institute and American Technology Company

Indian co-promoter MIT Aurangabad [http://www.mit.asia], is a reputed group of educational and research institutes under GSM Trust. Over last three and half decades, GSM has established 19 institutes and 5 centers of learning at multiple locations in India. MIT offers courses in engineering & technology, management, architecture, science, nursing etc. More than 12000 full time & 2500 part time students are on different campuses for primary to post graduate education and vocational training. MIT has developed state of the art infrastructure, computer centers, learning aids and research laboratories at each location and supports it by qualified and dedicated staff members. MIT is proud of being recognized as students centric and faculty driven organization. MIT has been working to bridge gap between Indian academic and industrial world. MIT developed patent pending technology (patent application no. XXXXXXX) for making wine from unpeeled banana which is being commercialized .MIT has a strong local presence and relationships across educational, political, administrative, social and industrial establishments.

American co-promoter AccuDx Corporation USA. Currently, AccuDx is focused on the EcoTech and BioTech sectors including alternative fuels, functional foods, and cosmeceuticals. AccuDx provides Technology Development, Business Development consulting, and Intellectual Property strategy and management. AccuDx Incorporated (“AccuDx”) was founded in La Jolla, California in 1996. At that time, the company’s primary activities were dedicated to research and development of clinically incisive molecular pathology products and platforms. The focus of AccuDx’s diagnostic product development was addressing the needs of disease diagnosis through molecular approaches which included laboratory based techniques such as immuno-histochemistry, immunoassays, cell surface markers, nucleic acid probe based assays such as DNA probes, amplification based assays (polymerase chain reaction, ligase chain reaction, and in situ-PCR. In late 1997, AccuDx’s research and development capabilities were channeled into its product development efforts for products manufactured, distributed and sold to clinical laboratories and healthcare providers worldwide.